Dress up the Nursery Walls


Once you picked the right crib, the perfect changing table, added some awesome shelving and probably a very comfortable chair for mommy it’s time to address those empty walls of your nursery. While there is always the option to commission a local artist to get a $2000 painting done and treat it as the new family heirloom, you might look for a more affordable alternative.

While I always created artwork for my own kids nurseries, this time it was for a my friends newborn daughter. I made a set of three happy and uplifting illustrations. I rushed to my favourite Swedish blue and yellow furniture store to get some good looking picture frames and got my art printed at the local copy shop. There I had it, a cool gift that was well in my budget.
Once the my fresh art creations dressed the walls of my friend’s daughter’s nursery the feedback was very positive and encouraging.
Since then I got more requests and my work dresses quite a few nursery walls by now.
I will continue to come up with other motives and scenes in the future. Let’s see were we can take this journey.
I hope you enjoy my work and consider purchasing some of my artworks for yourself or as a gift for the loved ones around you.
» Check out my catalog of downloadable nursery art.

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