Printing Your Printable Art

Hello, art-savvy friend! Ready to jazz up your walls with some fabulous art? Here’s the scoop: once you’ve selected and purchased your perfect piece, it’s ready to download in a jiffy as a high-quality 300dpi .jpg file.

You can snag it on your computer, tablet, or phone pronto and come back to it anytime you fancy. The power to print is in your hands – use your home printer, your go-to local copy shop, or any online printing service you’re vibing with.

Go wild with your choice of medium! If you’re going the home-print route, we’re big fans of heavy matte archival paper. But hey, your printer might be game for photo or art specific papers – worth a check!

Looking for a stylish yet wallet-friendly frame? Your local hardware store might surprise you. And, of course, there’s always that popular Swedish furniture store with the catchy blue and yellow logo.

Venturing into online printing services? Sky’s the limit! We’ve seen our nursery art prints come to life on everything from canvas and wooden boards to uber-cool aluminum plates.

Got any printing-related queries popping up? Shoot us a message anytime. We’re here to help you bring your nursery vision to life!

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License Agreement

Just a quick heads-up: our delightful designs are all for your personal, non-commercial use only.

We love that you’re smitten with our products, but remember, they’re not for distribution or commercial exploitation unless we give the thumbs-up with express written permission. Let’s keep the fun rolling while respecting the creative process. Cheers!